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Today Jenny shows you her sexy feet in really great highheels. She is wearing Peeptoes today and so you can lick her feet in this heels. But you have to make it really good, because princess Jenny has a surprise for you. If you will make it right she put off this leopard highheels and you will be able to lick her nacked feet. So do a good job with yout tongue.

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February 5, 2011 · Posted in Foot Fetish Girl  

Jenny is going to the playground and there she likes to sit down. Jenny takes off her sneakers and let you smell her swet. She is wearing her sneakers the whole day so there will be a lot of swet.

Then she looks at you and she put off her socks, too. Now she is sitting there with her nacked feet and she relax in the sun. A really nice day to show her feet. If you love Jenny just take a look at her own site because Jenny is awesome.

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Jenny is in the office today and there she phones with some clients. She is great. What a pitty that the clients can´t see her through the phone. She is wearing really sexy high heels and she puts her nice feet on the desk. She is looking at you and she fondle her high heels. Then she put one high heel off. in slowmotion that you can enjoy it. Then she takes the other one. After that she fondle her naked feet and loves to look at you.

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January 17, 2011 · Posted in Foot Fetish Girl  

Jenny loves to buy new shoes and here is a newest pair of high heels. She is really in love with this shoes. Aren´t they sexy. She is wearing them on her sexy feet. But not so long she takes them off and loves to look at them and she also kiss the shoes. You would be the high heel, wouldn´t you? But she shows you proud this high heels and then she shows you her naked feet beside the shoes. What a nice view: A sexy lady with naked feet and high heels beside her.

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Jenny is in the bathroom and she is wearing her really sexy red underwear. She sits on the toilet and she shows you her feet. First she is wearing really hot highheel sandales. But then she puts them off and you can see her naked feet. She stands up and show her feet in your direction. She knees on the toilet and so you can see her back with the nice sexy red thong or less. And of course there are her soles. A really nice view.

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Here you will see Jenny. She sits inside and smokes a cigarette. It´s hot outside so she is only wearing her bikini and some flip flops. After her cigarette she goes outside for a walk. She takes off her sandales and step with her naked feet in a puddle. Her feet are really wet and dirty. Jenny walks over the grass and so the earth and the mud paste under her soles. Really dirty feet but you like to lick them?

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Jenny is a very sexy Girl and she loves to show you her feet. First she presents her new Overknee HighHeel Boots. They look really sexy because they are black with many cording. Jenny loves to lounge on the sofa and that´s only for you. Then she takes off her shoes and you can see her naked feet.You visit her in her living room and look at her nice legs, her sexy feet and her great ass. What a wonderful woman.

There are a lot of pictures more in the member area. So take a look. It will be a pleasure.

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Jenny knows how to tease someone until hes melting – and she succeeds one more time in this picture set. She wears a white corsage with a very sexy white slip. On her feet she wears a pair of black stilettos which are decorated with glitter crystal stones. She is posing and moves very slowly as she lays on the glastable in teh center of the office. You can really see how much she loves her power to get you boiling. Then the focus gets to her feet. She takes her expensive and luxury shoes off for you and shows off her marvelous and really awesome toes and soles…

Foot Girl Jenny

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Money rules the world – and nobody can have anough money at all. Footlady Jenny parts this opinion.  She has become a real moneydom after all and has lots of fun to milk her slaves wallets dry (german page to be found under Princess-Jenny). She poses with her black corsage and many bank notes. She shows them off, rolls them togethert and sticks them between her ankle strap of her shoe just to show that its ‘nothing’ for her. After that she puts the money on the ground and steps on it with her sexy black high heels. This is a message for all slaves: Your money belongs to this mistresses feet!!!

Foot Girl Jenny

June 22, 2010 · Posted in Foot Fetish Girl  

In this set Jenny has made an excursion. She is standing near a bus and wears her new fur boots a nice coat and black pantyhose. She definitely knows what you want and begins to remove her shoes. Slowly you can see her socks with a MinnieMouse on them. Not it’s getting exciting – I mean that’s an outdoor scenario. But I cannot believe she’s doing it anyway: She gets out of her socks and shows you her sexy well pedicured feet!!! This young woman doesn’t just have phantasy, she also is really brave.

Foot Girl Jenny


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